1. 5 Racking Safety Tips

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 16 fatalities in the Warehousing and Storage subsection of U.S. industries. Along with that, there were 5.2 injury and illness cases per 100 workers,on average. The question is, is that a lot, an abnormally high number of issues? We don’t think it’s too alarming, but it is a reminder that, sometimes in the world of material handling, stuf…Read More

  2. 5 Safety Tips For Using A Forklift

    At Felix Loeb, we’ve been involved in the materials handling industry for a long time. Part of what we do involves warehouse and distribution solutions, and as a result, we have an eye towards safety and efficiency. Since a sizeable amount of our clients utilize forklifts, we’d like to take a moment to offer a few tips for using a forklift in the safest and smartest way possible. Read on for 5…Read More

  3. 5 Tips For Using Your Hand Truck

    At Felix Loeb, we’re big fans of hand trucks. Who wouldn’t be? They’re an invention that’s brilliantly simple and when it comes to transporting objects short distances, highly useful. However, like everything else, there are right and wrong ways to use them. The last thing you need is an accident, particularly if it’s one that could have been easily prevented. Keep reading for 5 handy t…Read More

  4. Labeling Inventory Locations

    You have rows and rows of steel shelving, drawer cabinets, and racks in your warehouse--but where will you put everything so that it makes sense? Will you be able to find your tools and product later when you need them? Make sure you know how to set up your warehouse and name your inventory so that everything can be located later on with ease: Names Every location name needs to differ from each of…Read More

  5. Organization Tips for Your Warehouse

    A business, regardless of what it does, cannot run successfully if it is not organized. When your product is scattered, tools are misplaced, and safety hazards are everywhere, it is almost impossible to work well. This sort of unorganized environment is exactly what we want to help you prevent! Take in mind these organization rules to help your business run well: Find What Matters First, find wha…Read More

  6. What Is A High Pile Storage Permit?

    When you’re building a warehouse, safety doesn’t stop after you’ve bought your pallet racking. In many states, Illinois being one of them, a high pile storage permit is required. But what exactly is it, and why does your business need it? Simply put, the high pile storage permit is needed for businesses and warehouses that stock inventory over a predetermined height, usually in excess of 12 …Read More

  7. Pallet Racking 101

    When it comes to storage, there isn’t a single right way to do things. Over time, we’ve seen and developed a number of storage strategies that can be useful for you and your business. So head to your warehouse, make sure you’ve got plenty of pallet racking and let’s go over some options. Floor stacking is the most basic method of pallet racking, and that’s where you’ll place the pallet…Read More

  8. What Type Of Pallet Racking Is Right For You?

    Here at Felix Loeb, a premier source for materials handling systems and equipment since 1928, we get a lot of questions about pallet racking in Chicago. If you're wondering what type of pallet racking system you need, answering the questions below will get you closer to determining which rack style is best for you. How much are you will to spend for a racking solution? Determining what your budget…Read More

  9. The Benefits Of Pallet Flow Racking

    Understanding how pallet racking, especially pallet flow racking, can benefit your industrial Chicago business is easier than it sounds. Pallet flow racking has quite a bit of advantages when it comes to materials handling, the load they can handle, how accessible they are, and how effectively they utilize the space in your warehouse. So, what exactly is a pallet, anyway? They're small and square …Read More

  10. What to Look For During Your Next Warehouse Shelving Inspection

    Inspections of your warehouse shelving should be happening frequently. You depend on your shelving to help you organize product, get them to your customers in a timely manner, and keep your business moving forward. Issues with your shelving could result in injuries to your employees and damage to your merchandise. While the state of your warehouse shelving will be subject to official warehouse ins…Read More