Optimize Your Storage Solutions

Coordinating your maintenance areas and improving the storage of all of the tools and items you need to provide your continued level of high-quality service is never a top priority until everything is utterly disorganized. Don’t let your workspace fall into disrepair. Take control of how you store your tools and products so that you can streamline your processes and turn projects around quicker, thus improving your profit margin and level of customer service.

Vertical Storage Solutions

Depending on your needs as a business, your organizational needs vary. We’d hardly suggest a filing cabinet to help keep your different hammers and screwdrivers organized. The key to any improved storage solution starts with consigning space and materials. We have a wide variety of maintenance area specific storage solutions that can help you create continuity throughout your space and make your organization work better. With question marks about where things are. Felix Loeb’s storage designers can help you explore NC tool holders with sturdy inserts that can make placing your tools in plain sight easy and still space-conscious. We can help you look into modular drawers in shelving to keep your various products in neat, straight lines that make it easy for your workers to access the materials they need for each project. We can even help you portion off certain spaces with high-end materials using wire partitioning and two-level catwalk systems that can both protect certain products and ensure that you get the most out of every square foot in your space.


modular-drawer-cabinets_uid1062010248582Modular drawer storage cabinets are the ultimate in high performance, high density, manual storage. Modular drawer storage cabinets provide very efficient utilization of your valuable floor space. The hundreds of cabinet, drawer and divider combinations allow you to design the right storage system for your needs. Modular drawer storage cabinets are very flexible and allow you to modify your system as your needs change


modular-drawers-in-shelving_uid1062010241422You can place modular drawers in new shelving or in existing shelving, creating organizational storage where only a couple of flat shelves existed before. You will be able to store boxes on the shelves above your drawers and small parts in your modular drawers. Ergonomically, you can install these drawers at working height if they will contain things that workers use all the time, eliminating bending and stretching. By adding modular drawers to your shelving, you recuperate up to 70% of floor space vs. shelving only.


supply_pro_auto_service_uid10720101124411The SupplyPro cabinet gives technicians fast and easy access to certain items necessary to their work, such as specialized tools, everyday parts, replacement parts, and much more. These tasks can be carried out by the user without having to ask someone else for access.


nc-tooling-shelving_uid1062010241092Use standard Mini-Racking and add our NC tool holders with sturdy PVC inserts. Your tools only touch the PVC which helps prevent corrosion. The tool rack can come with perforations to insert Taper, Straight, Sandvik Capto, HSK, KM and VDI tools. The extruded PVC component is also offered without perforations. With its original two-level design, the rack offers improved support and increased stability by preventing tools from falling out, even in an inclined position.


free_standing_mezzanine_auto_uid10720101109411Reclaim that existing valuable overhead space by installing a custom designed free standing mezzanine designed and built to meet your specific needs. Mezzanines assemble quickly with the simplicity of “erector set” and are constructed to form rugged, high-load-bearing overhead levels. Heavy-duty columns provide rigid support, eliminating obstructing bracing and providing maximum flexibility of movement and utilization of the lower level. Accessories include railings, stairs, landings, swing gates, sliding gates, types of decking and more. The structure can be expanded to meet future requirements.


catwalk_uid1062010356142A catwalk two level storage system utilizes your existing shelving to support the floor in the aisle space between the shelving or racking. The second level shelving is built directly on top of the first level of shelving. Pallet drop zones, gates and stairways can be added to this system.


security_wire_partitioning_uid10720101037481Wire partitioning is the most economical way of securing and protecting your products, equipment and personnel. Woven wire mesh partitions allow for full visibility and air circulation. Available with swing or sliding type doors with a wide variety of locks and lock accessories, service windows and optional ceiling. These are ideal for tool cribs, physical barriers around automated equipment, certified as DEA enclosures, and for storage for seldom used items in condominiums or apartments.


steel_shelving1_uid1062010232302Open shelving – Open shelving uses X-back braces and ladder side braces to secure the shelving unit. The Spider® shelving system is the only one that allows you to alternate the use of shelves (medium parts) and steel decking (large parts) while reducing the number of posts needed by 25%! Our common post enables more storage space. There are a wide variety of accessories available to store any products. Easily adjustable compression clip shelving.

Closed shelving
– Closed shelving uses sheet metal to enclose the sides and back of each unit. The Spider® shelving system is the only one that allows you to alternate the use of shelves (medium parts) and steel decking (large parts) while reducing the number of posts needed by 25%! Our common post enables more storage space. There are a wide variety of accessories available to store any products. Easily adjustable compression clip shelving.


mini-racking_uid1062010147572Mini-Racking is designed for storing heavy and bulky parts. Its many dimensions, combined with a choice of decking, make it possible to have a custom configuration tailored to your own needs.

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