1. How To Make Your Warehouse Safer

    Safety is one of the number one factors to maintaining your warehouse. After all, if your employees are constantly getting hurt for various reasons, then how are you supposed to get business done? Not only that, but you could also face some potential lawsuits that have the potential to completely shut you down if you don’t take care of the safety issues. Those are just a few things that could go…Read More

  2. Why Vertical Storage Is The Perfect Addition To Your Warehouse

    If you own a warehouse for your business then you understand that every single inch of space can make or break how many items you have at your warehouse. What most companies do from the outset is to start utilizing this space by spreading it out width-wise. While this can often work for a little bit, they will quickly realize that they are running out of space. This is where vertical storage comes…Read More

  3. The Top Healthcare Uses For Vertical Storage

    From the standpoint of various healthcare fields, the concept of material storage and handling is very important. Many people, when thinking of storage and handling, they tend to think about large warehouses and a lot of pallet racking. Although that’s certainly one aspect of material storage and handling, our storage options here at Felix Loeb can be used for an immense range of industries and …Read More

  4. Benefits of Vertical Storage Systems – Part 2

    In our last blog, post we began discussing the benefits of vertical storage and how it really is essential for the success of your Chicago-based business to invest in vertical storage systems. The two benefits we discussed in our last blog are space economy and efficiency. Vertical storage in most cases is the best way to utilize the space in your backroom or warehouse because most spaces have a s…Read More

  5. Benefits of Vertical Storage Systems

    Vertical storage, in general, is always one of the best options when there is a concern for the footprint size of buildings, shelves, and product storage, et cetera. We see the concept of vertical storage used in the city with the use and building of vertical apartment buildings and in hopefully most industrial warehouses, and store backrooms and storage areas. Today, we are going to lay out the b…Read More