1. How to Increase Your Storage Capacity on Warehouse Shelving

    One of the biggest challenges that your warehouse is going to face is finding enough space for everything that you need to store. When you start to run out of space, you could be left with two very expensive options: either move your facility or pay to expand it. They are both time consuming and can quickly eat up your budget. However, there is a third option that many warehouses fail to take into…Read More

  2. Benefits of Wire Shelving for Your Chicago Business

    When you own a warehouse, retail store or even a restaurant, you want that space to be streamlined, professional, and possess a clean look. Utilizing different types of storage options can help you achieve this vision. One of the most versatile and durable storage solutions is wire shelving. Wire shelving is similar to a blank slate, and you can design the fixture to your business's aesthetic and …Read More

  3. Organization Tips for Your Warehouse

    A business, regardless of what it does, cannot run successfully if it is not organized. When your product is scattered, tools are misplaced, and safety hazards are everywhere, it is almost impossible to work well. This sort of unorganized environment is exactly what we want to help you prevent! Take in mind these organization rules to help your business run well: Find What Matters First, find wha…Read More

  4. Pallet Racking 101

    When it comes to storage, there isn’t a single right way to do things. Over time, we’ve seen and developed a number of storage strategies that can be useful for you and your business. So head to your warehouse, make sure you’ve got plenty of pallet racking and let’s go over some options. Floor stacking is the most basic method of pallet racking, and that’s where you’ll place the pallet…Read More

  5. The Benefits of Going Vertical

    One very common challenge that facility managers and warehouse owners face is the limited amount of space available for both supplies and stock. Because building expansion and additional locations are not always feasible to the bottom line, creative and innovative storage solutions become instrumental to every day operations. As Chicago's material handling specialists, we recommend going vertical…Read More