Color coded end tab records stored in four post shelving is one of the most common and least expensive filing systems available. This filing system allows for easy file access and fast record retrieval. In every business and professional setting, saving space has become a critical planning objective. In many situations, replacing conventional storage systems, such as lateral files, with high quality shelf storage provides a very attractive and convenient means of optimizing space.


Archive shelving is designed to hold record storage boxes for archival purposes. It can be ordered with particle board decking, wire decking, without decking. With easy access from both sides and wider shelf openings, our archive shelving system is one answer to your archive file storage needs.


Take new or existing shelving or lateral files, mount it on carriages and run the carriages along tracks and you have a space saving solution. We can significantly increase your file storage capacity with a mobile aisle system. Mobile systems are available from simple manual carriages to motorized electrical systems. Our systems can easily accommodate loads of 1,000 lbs per lineal foot of carriage.