Increase Your Profitability with Highly-Functional Pallet Racking Systems

As leaders in the material handling and storage industry, we know that one of the most functionally flexible storage components is pallet racking. By making every pallet easily accessible, pallet racking makes both material storage and order picking simple and safe for all industry storage areas. As the most commonly used pallet storage equipment, pallet racks provide efficient storage of all varieties of products.

By streamlining your product and material storage into a simple and organized layout, pallet racking can actually reduce your overhead costs by eliminating confusing or ineffective storage areas. Increase your profitability with pallet rack storage systems. At Felix Loeb our rack types include:

Roll-Formed Pallet Racking

pallet racking ChicagoRoll-formed racks are constructed of a variety of light gauge, high yield, high-strength steel that is shaped in a roll-forming machine. Before the steel moves through the machine, the column is punched with the hole for the connecting forms. The roll-formed rack is much easier to install and change elevations. Each time the steel is bent, it increases the load-bearing properties of the product. This process allows us to build high-capacity pallet racking without the weight of structural racks.

Structural Pallet Racking

pallet racks Chicago Structural Pallet racks are constructed of hot-rolled structural channels and are extraordinarily capable of withstanding the wear and tear of the toughest environments. Structural channel-type racking is popular in harsh applications like freezers, coolers, and distribution facilities.

Felix F. Loeb, Inc. has been providing solutions for Chicago’s materials storage and handling needs since 1928. We represent a full line of products including, but not limited to, pallet racking, mezzanines, pallet jacks, wire partitioning, metal shelving, wire shelving, record storage shelving, plastics bins, in-plant offices, office furniture, hand trucks, guard rail and wire containers. Felix F. Loeb, Inc. is a full service distributor with a large local inventory of all of our most popular products stocked in our 24,000 square foot warehouse in Romeoville, Illinois.