According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 16 fatalities in the Warehousing and Storage subsection of U.S. industries. Along with that, there were 5.2 injury and illness cases per 100 workers,on average. The question is, is that a lot, an abnormally high number of issues? We don’t think it’s too alarming, but it is a reminder that, sometimes in the world of material handling, stuff happens.

To make sure that stuff happens less, here are 5 easy tips for keeping safe while racking.

  1. This should be a no-brainer, but never use a pallet on a forklift as a working platform or for accessing work at height. Doing that is a great and easy way to seriously injure yourself and potentially cause damage.
  2. Worried about objects falling from racking systems? Don’t be, because when you place anti-collapse mesh or netting upon handrails or the backs of the racks, you can make sure nobody gets dive bombed.
  3. Make sure your racking is inspected thoroughly and on a regular basis. You’re better off catching an issue during an inspection, instead of in the middle of the work day when someone can get hurt or something can become damaged. Specialists in racking inspections are SEMA approved.
  4. When you’re loading pallets, it’s important to load them carefully and make sure your load is stable. Shrink wrap, banding, or stretch wrap are all great ways to make sure your load is secure and that it doesn’t shift in transit.
  5. Last, but certainly not least, if you see a problem with racking higher up, or you need to retrieve something higher up, do not climb the racking. Instead, use a stabilized ladder for climbing.