If you have been keeping up with our blog, we are discussing best practices to organize your larger workspace, whether it be a warehouse-type setting or something else. Having an organized workspace is not only a good asset for your business, but it is also beneficial for your customers and clients.

At Felix Loeb in Chicago, we want to help you organize and create a safe and inviting space for you to be productive in, and for your business to thrive in. We have pallet racking and shelving units to do so. Check out our different pallet shelving units and learn more tips to keep your workspace organized.

Pallet Racking Shelving Units

Using these type of storage units will make your space look like an organized dream. Our pallet racks and shelving makes storage much more easy to access and makes your work space feel less overwhelming. You can save tons of space by using pallet shelving because you stack your products vertically instead of horizontally. Your warehouse will look much more organized, and be much safer than before.


Recycling will not only help your workspace but it will benefit the environment. As we mentioned in our first blog, we want to de-clutter as much as possible; this also plays into the recycling factor of organization. We are reducing what we have and recycling the junk we don’t need or want any longer. Pallets especially are usually only used once, which is just being wasteful; try to reuse your pallets in creative ways. Other materials such as metal, steel, iron, and glass are also recyclable. Make sure you are not tossing these materials out in the trash. Making your workspace a green one will not only increase profits, but it will give your customers and clients a great impression of you.


If your workspace or warehouse is not up to your standards, implementing a new design concept may be your biggest asset when it comes to organizing your warehouse. If your original design doesn’t have room for pallet shelving or pallet racks, you should try to incorporate these into your new design concept. Doing so will make sure you have an organized and open space, since you can vertical stack these products. Make sure your space also has a good flow to it; customers and clients want to be able to navigate the space with ease. When you are designing the space, make sure you account for all type of organizational tools. Felix Loeb can help with your design and make sure that your organizational skills are top notch in your design layout.

Felix Loeb is your number one distributor of organizational tools for your large workspace in Chicago. We can help you with design and products you need to complete your vision. When using out pallet shelving, pallet racks, metal shelving, mezzanines, and more, we can make your workspace into a much more functional place for you, your coworkers, and clients.

Contact us in Chicago for all your pallet shelving, pallet racking, and other industrial organizational needs. Don’t let your workspace suffer any longer, use the tools you need!