If you pay attention to stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, and even Walmart, most of the time, their establishments are very well organized. They have many systems and mechanics in place for these businesses to thrive and look professional, even though they are in a warehouse-style setting.

When keeping a warehouse, it is imperative good organization skills be implemented throughout the entire building, especially to take the correct safety precautions. At Felix Loeb in Chicago, we want to make sure that your business, warehouse, or other commercial establishments are always organized by using pallet racks and pallet shelving units throughout.

Here are some other organizational tips for your business or warehouse in Chicago:

Sort It Out

When owning a business, you have to decide which products are going to be most profitable. Once you have made the decision, you want these items front and center. You want to take other stock and inventory and decide whether it will make a profit; if you know it won’t or it hasn’t done well in the past, you can store it away with our pallet shelving, or get rid of it completely. De-cluttering your workspace will make you, your coworkers, and customers happy.

Pick an Order

We still want the most profitable items to be in the front, for the eye to catch on. However, you also need to decide what the best order is going to be for your products and or tools within the workspace. Also, taking time for placement of your inventory could increase sales and make finding product easier in a big space.

Clean the Space

You should also make sure your workspace, whether it’s a warehouse or a store, is spotless as often as possible. Having a clean area will make your staff more productive and your clients feel confident walking into your business.

Keep it maintained

Make sure, after you have implemented all these changes, that the space stays in an organized manner. You don’t want all your hard work to go to waste. Make sure you use your pallet racks and pallet shelving throughout your space for the ultimate organization.

At Felix Loeb, our main mission is to make sure your space, warehouse, or business, is always running smoothly. The way we help with this process is by providing you with the organizational tools you need to keep an organized space. We offer you:


  • And so much more!


If you want to give your space a facelift you should implement our products in Chicago. We represent a full line of products and are a full service distributor for all your needs. We can help you design an adequate storage system utilizing our pallet racking and shelving.

Don’t let your workspace suffer anymore from lack of organization. Call Felix Loeb in Chicago and we can help you organize and integrate different organization structures to make sure your workspace is thriving. Contact us today to learn more and get a free quote!