When you tend to look at other businesses for inspiration, what do you focus on? Obviously their success first and foremost, but do you hone in on why they got where they are? This takes hard work, perseverance, uniqueness, and organization. One example of a phenomenal business in practice is Amazon®.

Amazon is one of the world leaders in online shopping. Their products are endless and the thing that people love the most is the ease of shopping and getting their merchandise in a timely matter. One way they are able to succeed is the organization of their warehouses.

At Felix Loeb, we want your business to be as highly regarded, if not more so, than Amazon. One way you can do this is by having an extremely efficient and organized space for all your inventory. Using pallet racking and shelving will keep your warehouse clean and functional. Having an organized space will make your business that much more successful

Practices to Follow From Amazon

Management Strategy

Amazon’s ultimate success started with one man, who would change the way people shop online. Jeff Bezos has an interesting management style and tends to embrace the chaos instead of running from it. Back in 1995 when Amazon first started, they only sold books. Quickly though, they become the sensation they are today. When Amazon began they set a long-term plan for their achievements. Many companies don’t understand that patience is necessary and not to jump at the first dollar amount. Amazon held strong and because of their long-term goals, they are what they are today.


Amazon is not the only online store on the market, and it won’t be the last. However, Amazon tried something different when it first came to play back in the 90’s. Starting out just with books, Jeff knew this was too small and they needed to be bigger. Jeff wanted to create an online supply of everything you could possibly need. He wanted Amazon to become the one stop shop. This let Amazon soar above the competition and with its innovation like app updates, and Amazon Prime, it is still thriving, 22 years later.

Customer Satisfaction

A business is only as successful as its customers are satisfied. Amazon prides itself on their customer service and how they make all their customers feel every day. It is not about the competition, it is about the present. This online company knows how essential it is to have a good reputation and that it needs to spread organically. When a business functions online, word of mouth can be seen by thousands of people. Another part of Amazon’s success is they admit when they make a mistake and they quickly rectify it.


Amazon could write a book on the success of execution. In the beginning, they needed to get their footing, but now they are the ones to follow when it comes to best practices. They have implemented distribution centers all over the world that are thoroughly cataloged, so inventory is easy to work with, find, and ship to customers. They achieve this by having a well-maintained space that houses all their distribution items. Utilizing mezzanine structures, pallet racking, and pallet shelves, their warehouses are easy and safe to execute the task at hand.

Let your business become as successful as Amazon by purchasing all the organizational tools you need from Felix Loeb. Our pallet racking and shelving will make all the difference in your warehouse space. Shop today!