More Than a Point of Entry

The doorway to your business should be more than an entry point. It should be reflective of your branding and of your businesses character. It’s the very beginning of the customer experience as it makes up the facade of your building and your space. Optimizing your storage space and streamlining your processes all starts with having an enticing entrance that’s easy to get in and out of. Your sales funnel for you business starts with the front door. Make the best first impression with hardware and detailing from the very beginning.

Sliding Doors

Felix Loeb takes pride in being able to help businesses all over the Chicago area make the best of any space they occupy. We believe that starts with only investing in the best materials for every detail. For our sliding door hardware, we offer Richard-Wilcox products. They provide six different track designs that can handle a huge variety of different sliding door applications. This can be applied throughout your entire business for any point of entry that you think could benefit from an update. Every track design is made from 16 gauge steel with capacities from 400 to 5000 pounds, and can handle any of your expectations. We can help you choose what suits your aesthetic better, from bare metal to stainless and plated to galvanized steel including curves, switches and crossovers that help you optimize the utility of your doors and space as an overall functional piece of your business.

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