classic-lockers_uid1062010359242Premium KD wardrobe lockers are available in single, double triple, four, five, six tier and 16 person lockers. Knock-down (KD) construction 24 gauge solid body components. Continuous vertical door strike at both hinge and latch side. 16 gauge louvered doors (18 gauge for 9″ wide), 16 gauge horizontal frame cross member between doors of double and triple tier wardrobe lockers, classic formed stainless steel recessed handle, 12 gauge latch hooks MIG welded to frame, gravity lift-type multi-point spring loaded latching, 3-point latching for openings 48″ high and higher and 2-point latching for openings 20″ high thru 36″ high.




heavy-duty-ventilated_uid1062010359472Heavy Duty Ventilated “HDV” lockers are available in single, double, four and six tiers. Knock-down (KD) construction 14 gauge diamond perforated gauge diamond perforated sides 2″ 5-knuckle full-loop hinges 3-hinges per opening 48″ high and higher 2-hinges per opening 36″ high and under 16 gauge continuous piano hinge is standard for 12″ high box doors only. Continuous vertical door strike at both hinge and latch side. All production KD lockers are supplied without legs unless otherwise specified.




safety-view_uid1062010400112Safety-View KD stock lockers are available in single, double and triple tier lockers and include polycarbonate door inserts. Stock lockers are standard with 6” legs. Available for immediate shipment in #729 Parchment.




safety-view-plus_uid1062010400382Safety-View Plus KD storage lockers are available in five and six tier models as well as 16-Person and 4-wide wall mount lockers. Doors are all polycarbonate. Stock lockers are standard with 6” legs. Available for immediate shipment in #729 Parchment.




open-front-sports-locker_uid1062010401032Our open-front sport lockers are specialty lockers engineered for High School, Collegiate and Professional team organizations who demand high performance equipment storage solutions. Our all-welded Open Front Sport athletic lockers are designed to accommodate the storage of a wide variety of athletic gear and apparel while allowing maximum ventilation. Accessories include a small wallet security box, a 12” wide side hinged security box or the full width top hinged security compartment.




athletic-box-lockers_uid1062010401302Available in many different sizes and style. From gravity latch to turn latch. Single, double and triple tiers with multiple depths. All ventilated doors and sides.




equipment-storage-lockers_uid1062010402062Equipment lockers are available in 24” to 48” widths, 12” to 22” depths and 60” to 84” heights. Unibody all-welded double door construction. 14 gauge diamond perforated doors with full-height door stiffeners, 3-point turn-handle latching engaging frame at top, bottom and center side of door. 3/8″ diameter lock rods, 11 gauge turn-handle welded to 11 gauge cam, 16 gauge continuous piano hinges, 16 gauge diamond perforated sides are integral with front vertical frame, continuous vertical door strike at both hinge sides, 16 gauge continuous top.




dura-tech-plastic-l_uid1062010403032DuraTech™ solid plastic lockers are constructed of high impact, high density polyethylene (HDPE) formed under high pressure into solid plastic components 1/2″ thick with homogeneous color throughout. Sides, tops, bottoms, backs, and shelves shall be made from high impact, high density, polyethylene (HDPE) formed under pressure into solid plastic components 3/8″ thick with homogenous natural color throughout. Components shall have machined edges to accept assembly brackets. Continuous latch shall be made from high impact HDPE plastic and capable of accepting various locking mechanisms. Door hinge shall be made from heavy duty extruded aluminum with a powder coating to match the locker door and frame. Door hinge shall be full length assembled onto the door and front. The snap-fit design offers a continuous connection between components. All HDPE components shall have a smooth “orange peel” finish. Locker doors and door frames shall be of the same color and selected from the DuraTech™ full color line.




safespace-plastic-l_uid1062010403322Introducing SafeSpace™, the newest and most innovative locker system in the world today. SafeSpace™ is an electronic, secure and highly manageable personal storage solution. Based on its cylindrical design, the revolving barrel is rotated to expose a large storage space that enables the user to store their personal belongings easily and securely. Each locker bank can also be color-coded to suit its location and surroundings.