Vertical Lifts consist of several trays and an extraction platform. The lift retrieves the tray you require based upon your commands. When you have completed your work, the tray is then replaced in the storage area and the next tray is retrieved.


vertical-carousel_uid1062010311362Vertical Carousels consist of rotating shelves that move up or down in response to your commands. The carousel delivers items to you in a safe and convenient fashion. Vertical carousels increase storage density, throughput and efficiency while reducing inventory and required man-hours.


tire-carousel_uid1062010316272Tire carousels allow one person to rotate the carrier frames, locate the desired set of tires, stop at the proper position, and remove the product safely and efficiently at floor level. Reduce injuries and risk by letting the machine do the lifting for you. This storage carousel’s small foot print maximizes floor space by fully utilizing vertical space.


wire-carousel_uid1062010316512The motorized wire storage machine is the most space efficient method to store and merchandise reels of wire. This automated storage and retrieval system is operated by one person, allowing quick location of the desired reel of wire, with complete stops at the proper position and safe and efficient removal of needed product.


office_carousel_uid1062010317152Office carousels bring the required files to the retrieval point in seconds at the touch of a button. The days when walls were lined with files and racks of index cards are over; as are the legwork and ladder-climbing that were involved in searching for and archiving files – it took too much time and money! Office carousels utilize the available room height and create up to 60% more storage capacity, so expensive office space is used more efficiently.