You have rows and rows of steel shelving, drawer cabinets, and racks in your warehouse–but where will you put everything so that it makes sense? Will you be able to find your tools and product later when you need them? Make sure you know how to set up your warehouse and name your inventory so that everything can be located later on with ease:


Every location name needs to differ from each of the other names. Do not duplicate names as it will just add confusion. Also, every space in your warehouse should have a name. Otherwise, this area will become a sort of black hole–no one will know what went in there, and who knows what will come out? Depending on the size of your warehouse, consider naming rooms and aisles to help your employees.


On a smaller level, make sure to label your cabinets and drawers. Let’s say you have a “Tools” section. In this section, there are four drawer cabinets. That’s great, but which one has the wrenches? Which drawer holds the size you need? You can see the problem here. Make sure to label every drawer if you must for clarity and efficiency. Don’t let your employees waste time rummaging through all the drawers.

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