material storage and handling specialists Chicago

Whether you run a local supply and distribution business or an e-commerce website, setting up a warehouse that is efficient and well-planned is imperative to success. Providing a layout that is sensible, allowing for easy access and safe operations, your comprehensive warehouse storage solutions will actually help you to run your business better. If you are in the process of setting up your first warehouse, understand that your materials handling processes, and the shelving and racking systems that you choose is the foundation for a smoothly run facility. The basics that you’ll need for your warehouse include:

  • Metal shelving
  • A forklift or hand trucks and pallet trucks
  • Work Stations
  • Pallet racking
  • Trash receptacles
  • Safety equipment
  • Storage cabinets

The design and layout of all shelving within the space is key. You’ll need designated areas for materials handling, storage of goods and shipping and receiving. Make work stations efficient by first having a plan laid out for just what those stations will be used for. If storage of tools is required, make sure to include in your plan tool boxes and storage that is sufficient and effective.

For your distribution and storage areas, make sure to use metal shelving that is appropriate to your product needs. For example, if you sell automotive parts, make sure that tire racks are used and that your best-sellers are easily reachable with a system for first in/first out being applied.

Making sure that your warehouse is fully stocked with supplies at all times is also highly important to the proper running of your facility. Keep areas around loading decks and bays clear of shelving and or boxes in order to ensure safe delivery of new products.

With the right design and implementation, provided for by professional material handling specialists, like here at Felix Loeb, your warehouse and storage areas can run efficiently and safely, ensuring that all important bottom line.