Understanding how pallet racking, especially pallet flow racking, can benefit your industrial Chicago business is easier than it sounds. Pallet flow racking has quite a bit of advantages when it comes to materials handling, the load they can handle, how accessible they are, and how effectively they utilize the space in your warehouse.

So, what exactly is a pallet, anyway? They’re small and square with wooden bases and your products are stacked onto them. They’re also hollow in the middle meaning that they’re easy to move using different types of forklifts and pallet jacks. Most commonly forklifts are used to move pallets that are stored off the ground and pallet jacks are used to move pallets that are stored on the ground.

Pallet racking solutions allow your industrial business to store pallets (and products) in a way that maximizes efficient use of space in your warehouse. Pallet racking offers you a way to store your pallets along the walls of your space to maximize space as they can be stored in rows on top of each other. This allows a greater volume of pallets to be stored vertically.

The biggest advantage to pallet flow racking is the ease of access it provides to you and your warehouse employees. The spacing and rows are designed in a manner that makes your pallets easily accessible to forklifts and ramps can be used if the units are tall.

Pallet racking is the best system to use if you want to utilize a small space as efficiently as possible. Call us today if you’re interested in our pallet racking solutions!