If you read our last blog, you’ll know that we’ve been talking about some of the safety equipment that Felix Loeb offers to its customers, and why it’s important for maintaining a safe and productive workplace. In part two, we’ll talk about several more of these products. If you missed the first blog, you can read it here.

Drum management system

Do you have 30 or 50-gallon drums that need to be stored? The drum management system offers a simple and efficient way to store large drums, usually filled with chemicals, acid, and corrosive-resistant polyethylene material. This is the safest way to store, move, and dispense chemicals while keeping them out of the way.

Spill Containment

The spill containment workstation holds large drums like the drum management system but offers more protection in case of a spill. If you’re looking to store your drums, but don’t need them to be readily available for dispensing, this is a great option for you. The 60-gallon sump capacity will give you some peace of mind in case of a chemical spill.

Overhead door track guards

Doors are a cause of many injuries in the workplace and can also be damaged by heavy machinery. Overhead door track guards will protect your door tracks from damage while making your workplace more safe for you and your employees.

Wire Partitions

Like the safety netting that we talked about in the last blog, wire partitions can help protect your storage boxes from damage, while partitioning certain products in your warehouse.

No matter what you’re storing in your warehouse, it’s imperative that you have the proper safety equipment to protect you, your employees, and your product. Felix Loeb has all the safety equipment you need to make this happen! Contact us to start your project or find out more about our material storage and handling services!