safety equipment chicagoRunning a safe warehouse is the only way you’ll ever achieve the goal of running an efficient warehouse. Keeping hazards to a minimum with proper storage and material handling is just good common sense but can deliver a world a benefits to your business as a whole. Every employee who enters your warehouse should always abide by the following guidelines:

  • Check and re-check before proceeding. This tip is handy for any time materials or packages need to be moved anywhere within your warehouse or storage facility. Make sure to check the load to ensure its proper weight distribution. Check the proposed route to make sure it is clear of personnel and obstacles and double-check the destination area for problematic issues.
  • Always use proper lifting techniques.
  • When carrying objects, every employee should remember to never block their own vision with the item. Being able to see over your load helps keep accidents to a minimum.
  • When using material handling equipment, like pallet jacks or hand trucks, always obey the proper procedures.
  • Only those trained and authorized in their use, should ever drive a forklift or other power equipment.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and use caution around moving parts like overhead doors and conveyors.
  • Only wear properly-fitted clothing and uniforms. Protect eyes, ears and hands with proper safety gear whenever necessary.

As the Chicago area’s leader in material handling and storage solutions, we take warehouse safety extremely seriously. We provide our clients with the absolute best in not only storage equipment like metal shelving, but safety equipment that helps you protect your staff and your bottom line.