If you own a warehouse for your business then you understand that every single inch of space can make or break how many items you have at your warehouse. What most companies do from the outset is to start utilizing this space by spreading it out width-wise. While this can often work for a little bit, they will quickly realize that they are running out of space. This is where vertical storage comes in to save the day.


Think about it in terms of city structure. L.A. has a population of roughly four million people sprawling over 4,084 square miles. New York has a double the population in 305 square miles. How is this possible? It is because New York built up instead of building out. Taking this idea and simply applying it to your warehouse can help you easily visualize why switching all your storage vertically can instantly create more space for your warehouse.

Big Or Small

Whether you deal with big items or a lot of smaller things, vertical storage is still right for you. All vertical storage can be customized to meet your standards and needs. Having in a vertical space rather than a horizontal space will allow you to be able to quickly and efficiently know where an item is rather than being forced to look over a sea of items for the one that you are looking for. Efficiency is king in business and the quicker you are able to find the item you are looking for the quicker you can get it in your customer’s hands. 


When there are a lot of things that are spread out, they can be out of your natural sightline, which means more tripping over items. Having vertical storage will not only allow you and your workers to be able to view everything easily, but it will also remove potential tripping hazards from the middle of where you need to walk in your warehouse. 

Also, when your workers have things that are in the way, they could potentially run into it and damage it. When your merchandise is damaged it can’t be sold. The more items that become damaged, the more monetary loss that will be done to your business. Vertical storage can ensure that you will have to deal with that potential merchandise loss a lot less.


We understand that sometimes the storage that you need can’t always be accomplished by simply adding vertical storage to your warehouse. That is why one of the great things about vertical storage is that it can complement horizontal storage really well. Even one part of your warehouse being vertical storage can increase the number of things that you can store by quite a bit.

If you have specific storage needs that you don’t think can be accomplished by simply adding some shelves, contact us! We have the ability to make any storage ideas that you have become a reality. We will make sure that whatever you need will help you store things efficiently so your day to day business can run as effectively as it needs to be.