In a previous blog we touched upon the subject of safe material handling and moving. But there is so much more to a safe working environment when it comes to storage facilities and warehouses. Stocked improperly or not completely protected from impact, pallet racks can become a health hazard for any employee. Make sure that all employees keep these tips in mind around pallet racks:

  • Make sure they are designed and constructed according to their needs. Pallet racks that are improperly used or constructed can collapse under the load. If you are unsure of its limitations, research the design and blueprints before assuming that your system will work under the circumstances.
  • Inspect your rack installation on a regular basis. Pallet racks that are not bolted to the floor present a number of safety risks. Check the stability of the racks, making sure to not overload the top racks, making the whole system top-heavy. Check the rivets and connections at all levels routinely.
  • Protect the shelving system from damage. The ends and corners of pallet racks are vulnerable to damage by forklifts, pallet jacks and hand trucks. Protect them with correctly-sized steel guardrails and post guards.
  •  Watch your load. Only trained forklift drivers should be allowed to place heavy pallets atop pallet rack shelving. The load should be placed squarely and evenly distributed across the rack.
  • Be aware of load capacity. Even the most sturdy of pallet racks have their load weight limitations. Make sure that proper weight records are kept, and that all warehouse employees are keenly aware of the listed capacity of each and every rack.
  • Use safety equipment whenever there is a question. Using safety netting and wire rack guards is just good common sense and keeps employees who work in the area and pull inventory safe from falling objects.

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