For any warehouse, one of the most important considerations is how to maximize your space. Using all areas of your warehouse efficiently can help you maximize your profits and avoid expenses such as moving and expansions. One area where warehouses seem to run out of space the quickest is on their pallet racking. Pallet racks are a staple of the warehousing industry, but using them efficiently seems to be a weakness for many companies. Here are three tips that you can use to ensure you are getting the most out of all of your pallet racking space:

  • Keep them organized. It might seem obvious, but there are plenty of warehouse managers who complain about a lack of space who have disorganized shelves. Keeping boxes, pallets, and cartons stacked neatly allows you to free up more space for additional items. Encourage your team to tidy up the pallet shelves they are working on throughout the day to keep things organized and you’ll have a better visual of the available space.
  • Utilize additional infrastructure for smaller boxes. While the most efficient use of your pallet racking is for pallets themselves, sometimes you’ll need to store smaller items on your shelf space. Use dividers, special shelving, and bins to keep smaller items organized and to make the most use of the entire space.
  • Re-evaluate your current set up. Often, the reason warehouses are running out of space has more to do with how they are set up than it does with how they are using their pallet racking. Take time to evaluate your current set up and look for ways to improve, or bring in a warehouse design expert to give you a fresh perspective.

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