When it comes to storage, there isn’t a single right way to do things. Over time, we’ve seen and developed a number of storage strategies that can be useful for you and your business. So head to your warehouse, make sure you’ve got plenty of pallet racking and let’s go over some options.

  1. Floor stacking is the most basic method of pallet racking, and that’s where you’ll place the pallets on the floor in rows. Depending on your accessibility requirements, rows can be as deep as floor space allows. If the pallet can support a load, they can also be stacked. While you don’t have to invest in equipment, this method can take up a lot of floor space.
  2. Selective pallet racking is the most commonly seen method. Using uprights and a pair of cross beams, you’ll create a shelf for pallet storage. Depending on ceiling and pallet height, selective rack systems usually have multiple levels per bay. This can be a lower-cost investment, but the aisles between the rows of racks will eat up space.
  3. With a drive-in and drive-through pallet rack, you have the option to drive fork trucks right into your bay. The pallets rest on side rails, instead of cross beams, which leaves the face of the bay open. This is a great way to store large quantities of pallets containing the same item, but you’ll want to be careful since fork trucks can often accidentally damage the racks while driving inside.