Inspections of your warehouse shelving should be happening frequently. You depend on your shelving to help you organize product, get them to your customers in a timely manner, and keep your business moving forward. Issues with your shelving could result in injuries to your employees and damage to your merchandise. While the state of your warehouse shelving will be subject to official warehouse inspections, doing your own self-inspections should also be a part of your routine. This can help you identify and correct issues with warehouse shelving early on and avoid potential disasters like a shelving collapse.

When performing an inspection on your warehouse shelving, keep in mind some of the most common causes of warehouse shelving damage:

  • Forklifts. Many forklift operators think that running into the shelving behind them is no big deal, but it could be the first step in total rack collapse.
  • Overloading shelving. Make sure you and your employees know the capacity of your warehouse shelving and never go over their weight limits.
  • Improperly loading shelves. Heaviest items should go on the bottom for a better distribution of weight on your shelves.
  • Shelves that haven’t been put together or repaired properly. Racks should be installed and repaired by professionals; if they aren’t, it could leave your warehouse vulnerable to an accident.

If you need help with a warehouse shelving inspection or need to replace damaged shelving, Felix Loeb can help. Give us a call at 877-215-3367 or contact us through our website. Our team can help you locate the replacement materials that you need or put you in touch with the right warehouse inspection team. Whatever you need for your warehouse, Felix Loeb is here to help!