Here at Felix Loeb, a premier source for materials handling systems and equipment since 1928, we get a lot of questions about pallet racking in Chicago. If you’re wondering what type of pallet racking system you need, answering the questions below will get you closer to determining which rack style is best for you.

  • How much are you will to spend for a racking solution? Determining what your budget is will be an important factor in deciding what the best warehouse solution is for you.
  • How much floor space is available for pallet storage in your facility? Do you plan on opening up more space for the right type of solution? This is another important factor to consider.
  • How high are the ceilings in your warehouse facility? Are they tall enough to facilitate the type of racking solution that you’re looking for or will you need to compromise?
  • What type of pallets do you currently use? What size are those pallets?
  • How many different SKUs are you going to be storing in the racks? Will you be using a lot of different SKUs or not as many? This makes a big difference.
  • How often are you going to need to access the pallets? Will you need something that can constantly move your pallets as you  move product?
  • Do your products have a shelf life? Do you utilize a first in, first out or last in, first out system for your products?
  • How many pallets do you need to store?
  • What type of fork truck are you going to use to access your racks? What is the lift height of your trucks?